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What’s Everyone’s Most Favorite Résumé?

It’s the last one.Our favorite résumé of 2018 — A Vulture.com-inspired résumé for a kick-ass content managerThe last one you have to write, the last one you have to revise, the last one you have to look at to get the perfect person to come in to sit down and talk with you to see they’re the right guy or gal for the team. You don’t want to have to make another résumé two years after you make your next one, or god forbid, start the hiring process all over again…Getting back

I hate résumés (yes, even mine)

I like what I do. We get to design art everyday. We make beautiful things. We’re helping change the face of how people get hired in the world today. We’re doing our part to destroy boring. With these résumés, we’re making the world a sexier, happier, more confident place.I still hate résumés.I hate having to read résumés. I hate having to filter them and wade through the self-aggrandizing jargon to try to find the ROI someone think they delivered for their previous businesses. I hat

Not having an infographic résumé is costing you money

How much would it be worth to you to leave your current workplace and walk into your dream job tomorrow? Here’s the equation for that:X = SalaryY = Price of career servicesZ = Work days per yearA = How much quicker you’ll find a new role than with what you’re currently doingB = Frustration with your job (%)When (X/Y)/Z < (A*B), investMaybe you would just pay a thousand dollars just to skip the job-search process. Maybe you want out because you can’t stand another day in your job