You're different.
Don't just tell them; show them.

Your new infographic résumé will stand out, drive attention to your career highlights, and tell a story, all things that add up to more interviews with less effort. No one likes looking for a new job; why spend more time than you need to?
Differentiators that are more than just visual

Résumés are broken. Why choose us
to help fix yours?

It Ain’t Boring

Which can’t really be said for pretty much every other résumé out there

You in Numbers

It highlights the characteristics that show how hiring you will drive return on investment for your employer, but it tells a great story, as well.

It’s Your Personal Brand

We design them for your career, but also around your personality. Each one is unique.

It’s Outside The Box…

But not too far outside the box. It’s your lead-in marketing doc, so we make sure it’s still recognizable as a résumé.

It’s ATS Optimized

We run the text of the résumé through applicant tracking system (ATS) optimization software, making sure you’ll show up near the top of recruiters’ searches

It’s ATS Friendly

And we also give you a second plain text résumé to give you the best possible chance to get noticed by the robots.

The Words Matter

We stick to facts and figures that accentuate your career achievements without wasting the reader’s time.

2x Interview Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll get twice the callbacks as your old résumé or we’ll rewrite it for free

Not One, But Two…

When you get your next job or just need a refresh, we’ll do all the edits for free!


We know you're comfortable with being different, but the job search process is uncomfortable for everyone. The "getting a new résumé" part doesn't have to be. Here are more ways that we're different than the résumé writers out there:

Does it work?

We’re so confident that this resume will work that we guarantee that you’ll get 2x the callbacks with your new résumé or we will rewrite it for you.

Seriously, do you really think you’d be better off with a two-page brick of black text on a white background filled with a bunch of trite business jargon some other résumé company is going to try and sell you? Why are most résumés boring, plain, Word documents, devoid of personality, with no thought given to what its intended target would enjoy reading? We don’t know, either. The rest of the world is beginning to figure that out; we just don’t really know why that’s taking so long.

And another thing, would you really want to work for a manager or organization who would be turned off by one of these?

How does the process of creation work?

Depends on the level of service you choose, but pretty much:

1. We send you a questionnaire and you fill it out and send it back
2. We write your resume, select your infographic elements, and send you a proposal
3. You approve/make changes to the proposal, you select a design
4. We get the text into the design, you approve/make changes and we deliver your new résumé

With the Job Search Package, you get more assets (like cover letters, business cards, LinkedIn headers) to help you form a cohesive brand around your career. With a Personal Brand Overhaul, the design process is a bit more intense, and we imagine a new brand from scratch. With all levels of service, you get PDF resume (proofread twice), a folder with a fully editable document and all fonts included, a guarantee that you’ll get a 2X increase in callbacks from your previous resume, and a free text edit when you get a new job.

I don’t have any numbers that can quantify my work effort; how I supposed to make an infographic?

We have a lot of people tell us that, then we talk with them for a minute or two and come up with five or six different things that they can put on their résumé. These aren’t just fluff; they’re truthful things with impact. You can go back and think about the first job you had in high school, and no matter whether you were slinging burgers, babysitting, or bussing, there are many different ways to quantify how much better (or worse) of an employee you were than the next one. For example. If you write, there’s word count, there’s the amount of submissions you make to an editor, there’s the amount of errors your documents have, there’s how many different style guides you can follow, there’s how many emails you handle on a day-to-day basis… If you’re in IT, there’s your system uptime, ticket response time, the percentage of times you’ve fixed the problem after the first call, the amount of servers you installed, the amount of CAT-5 cable you installed on that one job… some of these have come up before, and we’ve used them on actual infographic résumés, but some we just thought up when writing this FAQ answer. For example, it took:

• 9 minutes to write this answer
• 256 words and 1,429 characters compose it
• 1 girlfriend proofread and made suggestions on tone
• 0 misspellings and 3 grammatical errors were fixed before we made this live

See? There’s always a way to quantify your work effort with numbers.

Is it scannable via with an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

They’re all PDFs, so the words are scannable, and most of the words scan. Let’s say that we design your résumé with a map and overlay a quote from your CEO in Germany over Europe… Maybe that recommendation won’t quite scan, but the rest of it will. Seriously, though, once you submit a résumé to an applicant tracking system, you’ve already lost. Find the hiring or HR manager on LinkedIn and email them the résumé directly, then Fedex another copy with a handwritten note. Something like 15% of hires are made through ATS, but we’ll optimize it anyway. Your résumé is going to be so full of the keywords recruiters are looking for, you’re going to have to get a new email just for the job search (and you probably should, anyway [email protected]).

You mentioned keywords… Is it going to dominate the ATS or is it just going to work in one?

It’s going to dominate. Not only are the résumés scannable, but we optimize every one with One of the questions we ask is for you to give us 5-10 jobs you’re looking for. We copy those postings, put them into our parser, and it shows us what words to pack into your résumé for maximum job search success. It costs $50 and a few hours to figure out, but that service comes standard with each infographic résumé. It works, and that’s why we keep doing it.

Is this just a one-use résumé or can I use this for my next job search?

We’ll give you a fully-editable document (editable in Adobe Acrobat and InDesign), so you can always use this again. If you don’t have those programs or aren’t so hot using them, don’t worry; every one of our résumés comes with one free text edit when you get a new job or when you want to look for another. If you use up your free edit and want another, just email customer service and we’ll quote you for fixes, and we’ve never charged more than $50 for any request. This resume isn’t just a one-and-done!

Can I put this résumé on Linkedin?

Absolutely. And if you didn’t know about uploading pictures to Linkedin, it sucks. We’ll give you a file that is the perfect resolution for maximum Linkedin impact.

What if I’m not happy?

We’ll revise it until you are. We want to make sure this is a document you are proud and excited to share with others. Most of our business comes from satisfied customers telling friends where they got their awesome resume, so we make sure you are 100% satisfied before finalizing the product. Plus, it comes with a guarantee that it works twice as well as your last résumé. And if by some miracle, your old résumé works and you land a job before we start working on your resume, we’ll give you a full refund of your deposit.

More Examples

Our résumés work for clients in all fields


Our Clients

Erin MorrisonMarketing Executive

"I was gifted a résumé from one of my marketing mentors, Sarah Gormley. She believed in me and the power of having a great personal marketing document as an asset to a successful job search. After using it through one job search, I'm never going back to a boring plain text résumé again. It's working great for me. Thanks, Hagan!"

Rachelle McdonoughVP of Marketing

"I was relocating to a much smaller city with fewer opportunities and had spent much of my career managing consumer marketing for one of the world's largest spirits brands but I wanted to make sure my resume conveyed my dedication to a world-class level of client service in any industry. Hagan created a disruptive resumé that got me noticed and elicited kudos from employers. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him on a résumé, especially if you're in marketing!"

Anne BalaMarketing Executive

"Since 2012, my infographic resume has been a big hit and a great conversation starter! After working as a consultant for a few months, I was offered a full-time position after I showed them the résumé that Hagan designed. It's so creative; I love how it showcases my personality as well as my skills. I would recommend an infographic résumé to anyone, but especially anyone who is in digital marketing!"

John RouthierSales and Marketing

"I wanted to differentiate myself from other candidates and find a way to accurately reflect my achievements and when I saw Hagan’s work online, it really stood out. I only had a week to turn it around, but he was able to quickly understand my goals and needs for how my resume should be composed. Your résumé is an advertisement for yourself; when you’re going into an interview for a big sales or marketing opportunity these days, going in with a traditional résumé is not enough to distinguish yourself."

Luciano GriloGeneral Manager

"We had only a few weeks to get my CV updated for a big job opportunity overseas. We didn’t make it in the allotted time, but before I could mention it, he refunded my rush payment without being asked. He got me the finished document to me days later, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Hagan is an honorable person and a pleasure to work with."

Michelle MagoffinFounder, Bossy Interactive

"I had so many inquiries about my résumé from the press it received that I decided to start working for myself. I’ve received such great feedback on my résumé, and Pinterest loves it! I’m never surprised when someone emails me after seeing my CV somewhere I didn’t know it existed online."

Shetal VyasMarketing Executive

"With my new résumé from Hagan, I got overwhelming response! The work is amazing and I have heard "this is the best resume I have ever seen" multiple times already! I sent a traditional résumé into an opportunity, and when I sat down for the interview and shared my infographic résumé, faces literally lit up! I ended up getting two amazing offers; so grateful to have a choice. Thanks for all your help!"

John MarchicaPartner at Launch Factory

"I was stalled in my search and looking for a fresh perspective when I came across Hagan. The final product was astounding! He approached my career in ways I hadn’t thought of. It’s the perfect conversation starter when meeting new prospects or reconnecting with established business relationships."

Peter BellEngineering Leader

"In 2012 I learned about Hagan's work in infographic résumés from a friend who I had met doing a few panel discussions who had her résumé done as well. I was really impressed with how he transformed my work history into a cohesive picture of the impact my multiple facets can have when working with high-impact tech organizations. I'd recommend him to anyone in search of their dream job."

Phil ZaczekMarketing

"I was searching for a way to stand out in the entertainment industry during a very competitive job search. I was transitioning from an analytic role to a more creative marketing manager role, so I needed something to make my application shine and highlight my marketing experience and skills. Hagan's infographic resume was just the right touch. I was getting more interviews for the jobs I wanted as soon as I started sending it out."

Sarah CarringtonFreelance Writer

"As a copy editor and writer, one of the things I do is rethink and fine-tune CVs for people, but sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on a concept to get it moving in the right direction (especially when it comes to talking about yourself). Hagan crafted a beautiful, articulate CV for me that is now the centerpiece for my personal brand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an infographic is worth so much more."

Meghan PaulFin-tech executive

"I was first referred to Hagan by a friend who had worked with Hagan on an infographic resume, and I was floored by the results. I loved it so much, I had to get one for myself. It was perfect timing, because I was applying for a job at a relatively new division of a major international brand in NYC, and I knew the competition would be fierce. The resume we designed together got me the interview, and I got the job! I couldn’t imagine a better experience."


Résumé$975 USD


  • A PDF résumé for humans
  • Keyword Optimization with Jobscan
  • Before and after résumé assessment with Jobscan
  • A Word résumé for the ATS
  • Editable document with fonts
  • 2x effectiveness guarantee
  • 1 free edit anytime
  • 10 day turnaround time

Infographic Résumé & Linkedin Optimization$1475 USD


  • Everything in our Infographic Résumé Package
  • Headline and Summary
  • Header Picture
  • Rewrites of your last four positions
  • Requesting Recommendations PDF
  • Offering Recommendations PDF
  • LinkedIn Strategies PDF
  • 20+ new skills
  • 10+ groups to join
  • 10 day turnaround time

Personal Brand
Overhaul$3475 USD


  • Everything in our Résumé & LinkedIn Optimization Package
  • Personal monogram or wordmark
  • Business Cards
  • 2 Cover Letters
  • Social Channel Branding
  • Free edits for life
  • Full design license for use on and offline
  • 30 day turnaround time

Not sure which service to pick or just need some questions answered before your purchase? Set a time to talk with me about the goals for your new résumé filling out the contact form below

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A message from the founder

In 2011, I was dead broke. I wrote myself a check for $100 and deposited it so I could execute my million-dollar idea – a sandwich board that said:

“Social Media Strategist: Will Tweet For Food”

I stood outside the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYC with my proverbial hat in hand and met an entrepreneur who inspired me to design one of the first graphically-descriptive résumés for use in a non-creative profession.

I pledge to design your résumé with that same fearlessness and creativity. If my face is on this page, I have personally had a part in making your infographic résumé more amazing.

Good luck in the next stage of your career!

Hagan Blount

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