The Last One…

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The last one you have to write, the last one you have to revise, the last one you have to look at to get the perfect person to come in to sit down and talk with you to see they’re the right guy or gal for the team. You don’t want to have to make another résumé two years after you make your next one, or god forbid, start the hiring process all over again…

Getting back to how I hate resumes — no one wants to look at 10 résumés for a job opening at their company, but there are people whose job it is to look at 50, 60,100 or more of these things a day. You think THEY like résumés? We ran a Google search to find 100 résumés from each of the following occupations and this is what they look like:

You see that color starting to creep in, there, don’t you? I would have thought there would be more for the Account Manager position.

I really don’t know how some of these résumé writers wake up every day and pound yet another monochromatic brick of buzzwords into a Word document. Forgive them, Lord, because they know not what they do. Think of what it must be like to look at a hundred of those black and white monoliths every day, and then having to call them, interview them, hire a few and then hope they’re the right people for the job, and who knows until a few months in, anyway? Then you might have to look at another few hundred résumés… Ugh.

Check out this completely scientific study where (I imagined that) I asked 100 hiring managers the following question:

Of course you know that’s the case. It is for all of us. Everyone just wants to find the perfect candidate as quickly as possible.

So when you’re considering a résumé upgrade, why would you upgrade your résumé using old, tired résumé technology that all but guarantees you’ll be needing a new résumé for your next job?

If you get an infographic résumé, it might not be your last, but it’s got a higher likelihood of being so. Here’s why:

• If it’s not working (meaning that it’s not getting you twice the callbacks as your last résumé), we’ll rewrite it for free. In the eight years and hundreds of résumés we’ve done, we’ve only had to do this three times, but not once since we started using Jobscan…*

• We use to optimize all résumés for applicant tracking systems (ATS). We’ll take your dream job (or jobs), plug them in along side your résumé, and make sure your résumé scores highly as a match. If you’re going for a different job, send it back in and we’ll re-optimize it for next to nothing.

• Not only do you get an infographic résumé, but we also send you the résumé in a Word document to make absolutely sure the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) knows the keywords that define all your ROI-driving attributes.

• We do one edit for free; that means that this résumé is good for at least your next two jobs without paying another dime. Also, we give you the fully-editable document, so if you have some Adobe skill, you can edit it any time.

• We do LinkedIn optimization as well, so when you get that job, and all of your new coworkers start Googling you, you’ve a comprehensive, cohesive business face.

When I’m doing the hiring for my business, I hate looking through resumes, but when I see one with an ounce of creativity and personality, I’m reminded that they’re not all bad. There’s a person with hopes and dreams and (a maybe somewhat shaken) confidence behind that résumé who is looking for a better life, and they think they might find it working with me.

That’s the part I love; seeing that last résumé.

So click here to get what might just be your last résumé, or click here to download a PDF of my notes on résumé expert Martin Yate’s “Knock ’em Dead: Résumés.” Every month, I personally read and take notes on one book about the job search, HR trends, design, or how to visualize data. We’re always working to add skills and knowledge so you get the most from your investment in a beautiful new infographic résumé.

Hagan Blount


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