Résumés are Broken

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You already know this or you wouldn’t be here, but just to belabor the point a bit, humor me and take a look at these pictures. In each one, something is going on, and colors and graphs help tell the story on the right side. How long does it take for you to understand each one?

Julie isn’t hitting her numbers. Company B is 3rd in sales. A significant percentage of people believe in the boogeyman. Of course it’s easier to see what’s going on in the graphs on the right side, and yet, people will resign to pointing out their most stand-out career achievement in a bullet point under their second position because that’s where it goes in a traditional resume format.

I just don’t get it.

Let’s do that exercise again but just with resumes. How much money did Jane save Whole Foods?

You get the idea, but you’re here, so you already got it. We didn’t even really pull out any infographic elements yet. Our creatively-designed infographic résumés convey information to humans more effectively. Of course, we pack these things with keywords that get them ranked higher by the Applicant Tracking Systems* (ATS… if you are still concerned with that, since only 15% of corporate hires are made through ATS anyway).**

But the résumé is just the means to an end. That end is your lifestyle upgrade. This résumé helps with that — it’s an option-increaser — a well-designed infographic résumé is a key that opens more doors. Instead of maybe only getting a few interviews and an offer, you can have multiple interviews and multiple offers. You don’t want a résumé, you just want what the résumé can get you.

We’ll address a lot of different concepts in this blog, but first, we ask you to consider what we do differently, and:

• If spending a bunch of money on a résumé is worth the money
• Why everyone hates resumes (and what their favorite resume is)
• The costs of settling for a job instead of choosing one
• Why I’d just rather you design your own infographic résumé
• How and why I started designing these things

Oh, and if you got here specifically for the giveaway, here are the details — we make a free infographic résumé for every 1,000 subscribers to our email list. You can sign up for the mailing list at http://infographicresumes.com. Our mailing list isn’t the typical mailing list, so it’s not going to just be a bunch of career advice or résumé sales stuff, but some, of course. Mostly ways infographics succeed in selling ideas where words fail as shown in many different use cases.

We’re excited that you took the time to learn about our quest to delame-ify résumés and we’re happy to have you aboard!

Happy job-hunting!

Hagan Blount
Founder, InfographicResumes.com

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